My Child Hasn’t Been the Same Since Lockdown

sad teenage girl sat at home

The lockdown had an impact on all of us.

We all had a shock. There was a national and global fear that we or someone close to us, would become gravely ill or even die. For some people this was an awful reality.

Everyone had no choice but to adjust to lock downs and restrictions – some coped better than others. Some people embraced the time with their loved ones, others felt claustrophobic and craved their own space. Adults working with children at home that needed supervision, were worn out. Not to mention those that also had to take care of vulnerable family members/friends/neighbours.

Surviving the Move from Primary to Secondary School

children running to school move from primary to secondary school

Do you remember what it was like for you when you moved from Primary School to Senior School?  Perhaps you couldn’t wait to start or perhaps you were scared? Do you remember how big the new buildings were compared to your Primary School? Do you remember how small you felt and intimidated you might have been by the older pupils?

I’m Worried About my Preteen/Teen

worried male teenager

You are meant to worry about your pre-teen/teen because you love and care for them and it helps to keep them safe, but we are often asked, what is normal teenage behaviour and when do you really need to worry?

I am Finding it Hard to Cope With Parenting my Preteen/Teenager

Many of us can feel rejected and hurt when our child changes and pushes us away. They once hung onto our every word and now they roll their eyes whenever you try to give them advice. You might remember a time when they laughed at your jokes and now, they look at you in a way that seems to communicate “you’re pathetic.”  You are not alone; it is as if adolescents are given a manual on how to upset their parents/guardians. Some of you will be able to shrug your shoulders and think “it’s just a phase”, many of you will at times feel upset and might question whether you will ever have a good relationship with your child again.