1. Who are we? 

We are both qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, who have worked with many teenagers and adults. We are in a unique position of both understanding teenagers and knowing it can be hard parenting young people. You can find out more about us, by visiting Our Team page.

2. What is Thinking-Together About Parenting Teens?

Parenting teenagers is an area that is often neglected, yet evidence shows that good relationships with young people, promote good mental health outcomes. Thinking-Together about Parenting Teenagers, has been formed to help parents/guardians to have a good relationship with their preteens/teenagers and to help reduce the number of young people with mental health difficulties. Our aim is to make our training accessible to as many parents/guardians as possible. We offer parents free tips and guidance as well as ante-adolescent workshops and smaller discussion groups, to help you support your child. 

Thinking Together about Parenting is for any parent/guardian, who is involved in parenting a preteen or  teenager. 

3. Who are your ante-adolescent workshops/discussion groups aimed at?

Our ante-adolescent workshops are for any adults who are involved in parenting a preteen or teenager (age 10-14). They are designed to empower you with knowledge and teach you how to develop the skills needed to parent at this important time in your child’s life.

Our discussion groups are for anyone who would prefer to be in a smaller group to gain a greater understanding and have more time available for personal involvement.

However, if your family is experiencing a crisis such as serious mental health difficulties, you will need to seek specialist help.  If you are unsure whether our workshops/discussion groups are for you, please contact us.

4. What is the difference between an ante-adolescent workshop and discussion groups? 

Our workshops focus on us sharing our knowledge and offering you the opportunity to think about yourself and your child, together with any changes you may want to make. There is the opportunity to ask questions and to think with other parents/guardians. Sign up to register your interest.

The discussion groups allow much more time for personal involvement and to explore different challenges you might be concerned about. Contact us for more information.

Both take place online and in person throughout the year.  

5. Why should I attend one of your workshops/discussion groups?

We are both qualified and experienced therapists. We are in a unique position of both understanding teenagers and knowing it can be hard parenting young people.  The adolescent brain is going through almost as many changes as in babyhood and is partly shaped by relationships with parents/guardians. However, this important area of parenting is often neglected.  Not only that, evidence shows that good relationships with young people, supports their self-esteem and mental health. We can teach you the essential skills you need to parent at this crucial time in your child’s development.  

We share our knowledge gained both from working with clients and our learning from experts in the field of psychotherapy. We offer workshops/discussion groups on topics focusing on common, everyday struggles. Of course, you can read books and gain knowledge from the internet, but if you prefer interactive communication with experienced professionals, where you have the opportunity to ask questions, then our workshops and/or discussion groups are for you. For more information see Parents.

6. Are the workshops/discussion groups confidential?

Many people attend our workshop.  Therefore, we ask that people are mindful of how much sensitive information they share. We want you to have a positive experience and it can be more helpful to ask general questions rather than share personal experiences. Having said that, it can be a relief to hear others’ situations and realise you aren’t the only one.

A prerequisite for joining any smaller discussion group, is that we ask you to respect that people may ask questions and share personal information. 

7. How do I organise a workshop at my school?

We offer workshops in school for parents/guardians of pupils in years 6-9.

Please contact us to discuss now we can best meet your particular school’s requirements.   

8. I want support on a topic you have not yet covered in your tips or workshops, can you help?

Yes, we welcome feedback. Please contact us with your query. We will consider sharing some information on your topic and/or including the topic in one of our workshops. It will probably help others too.