“I found this workshop helpful. The authors were helpful and eager to answer any questions, even more difficult ones. The points were well presented and clearly stated.” Aga (Mum of 11 year old)

“Robyn and Laura are highly experienced in the journey of the adolescent years. I found their tips extremely helpful and valuable. I will attend again and would highly recommend.” Emma (Mum of 12 year old daughter)

“Just to say we enjoyed your parenting workshop. You are both so knowledgeable. We came away feeling we had learnt something. Would love to do another one.” (Parents of 12 & 14 year olds)

“A highly engaging and very useful, interactive workshop with helpful insights on the science behind the developing teenage brain and strategies to help parents navigate this challenging time.  The setting was relaxed and informal with Robyn and Laura openly sharing experiences and offering tools, tips and advice to help deal with scenarios familiar to us all.  There were so many valuable takeaways from this workshop, I will definitely attend again and would highly recommend it to anyone at this parenting stage.” Cynty (Mum of boy aged 15 & girl aged 13)

“Very informative, helpful and relaxed environment amongst other parents.” Lisa (Mum of boys, aged 19, 16,12)

“Very interesting and informative workshop giving advice to parents of teens in 2022 and beyond.” Anon (Mum of girl, aged 12)

“This was a hugely important workshop to understand developing teens and what is normal and to be expected!” Anon (Mum of girl, aged 12)

“This was a great morning, sharing lots of informative advice and scenarios. It is great to feel supported with other parents.” Alissa (Mum of girls, aged 12 and 10)

“Very useful and helpful information and advice. Detailed slides which were very easy to understand. I would highly recommend Laura and Robyn’s services.” Tamara (Mum of girls, aged 12 and 14)

“Robyn and Laura are knowledgeable and empathic and delivered the workshop in an engaging way.” Anon (Mum of girls, aged 12 and 8)

“Good insights and open sharing of experiences with tools to help us navigate the challenges of teen parenting.” Alicia (Mum of girl aged 14 and boy aged 13)

“The Thinking Together about Parenting Teens presentation was delivered in a clear and relevant way to our Year 6, 7 and 8 parents. All questions were answered comprehensively and the audience certainly left with a much clearer sense of the challenges ahead and strategies available to cope with them. I would highly recommend this to any parents facing the teenage years.” Mrs Savage, Deputy Head (Pastoral), St John’s School, Northwood.

“Thank you to Robyn and Laura for hosting the ‘Parenting teens’ workshop at our school. It gave me some easy to follow guidelines on how to make talking, listening and just being around the teenagers in my house a lot easier. It made me realise that with their change I also need to change and understand how adolescents think and feel. If I want to be respected I need to respect them and support and guide them in a different way.” Marin (Mum of boys 13 and 15)