School Workshops For Parents Of PreTeens/Teens

“The Thinking Together about Parenting Teens presentation was delivered in a clear and relevant way to our Year 6, 7 and 8 parents. All questions were answered comprehensively and the audience certainly left with a much clearer sense of the challenges ahead and strategies available to cope with them. I would highly recommend this to any parents facing the teenage years.” Mrs Savage, Deputy Head (Pastoral), St John’s School, Northwood.

The rising number of young people struggling with their mental health, is putting increased pressure on schools. The vital role of parents/guardians is often overlooked. We offer online and in person ante-adolescent workshops, in both primary schools and secondary schools for years 6-9 parents/guardians. Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your school’s particular requirements.

School Ante-Adolescent workshops

The school workshops focus on helping parents/guardians understand the enormous hidden changes going on inside the preteen/teen’s brain and explore the causes of their mood swings, seemingly irrational behaviours and the inevitable challenges that happen as they transition into teenagers.

We arm parents/guardians with knowledge to help them understand “normal” preteen/teen behaviour and the skills to tackle everyday difficulties that they may face. We give them the tools to lay down the foundations of a healthy relationship with their child in preparation for the teenage years and to help promote good mental health.

Topics include:

  • What young people need from parents/guardians
  • Which parenting style is most effective
  • Behavioural changes
  • Brain changes and what they mean
  • The importance of boundaries
  • How to manage conflict
  • Communication styles
  • Social media benefits and concerns



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School Workshops

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