Understand Your PreTeen/Teens

“Just to say we enjoyed your parenting workshop. You are both so knowledgeable. We came away feeling we had learnt something. Would love to do another one.”  (Parents of 12 & 14 year olds)

About Us:

We are Robyn and Laura, two experienced and passionate psychotherapists who have specialised in working with teenagers, parents and young adults for over 10 years. Having both been mothers of preteens/teens ourselves, and working with this age group day in and day out – we really understand teenagers. We know how hard it is to be a parent and what a confusing and crucial time this transition can be for both children and their parents. We offer knowledge and parenting skills and tools to help you sail these waves of change and PREVENT relationship issues developing later down the line (before they become much harder to navigate). We are very passionate about prevention vs reaction – and our mission is to inform as many parents as possible on the HOW TO of parenting children in the preteen to teen transition.

We created Thinking-Together About Parenting Teens to promote GOOD mental health for your children’s future. We want to see parents in collaborative and safe relationships with their preteens/teens, to ensure that the parent-child bond remains connected through this crucial transition period. Did you attend ante-natal classes? Well we offer ante-adolescent classes. This is our passion and purpose and we are very excited to share it with you.

About Our Work:

Parenting PreTeens/Teens is hard!

The number of young people with mental health problems is rising and is a concern for many parents. At Thinking-Together our approach is preventative rather than reactive.

Your relationship with your preteen/teen is crucial in supporting their self-esteem and mental health. In our experience, a lack of knowledge and understanding from parents/guardians can lead to hostile/strained relationships which contributes to young people’s poor mental health such as lack of confidence, low mood and anxiety.

During the preteen/teen years your children change. They spend more time away from you, they are more secretive and their behaviour becomes more erratic. It can feel tough when your child pulls away, and is hard to know what is “typical teenager” behaviour and when to be concerned about your child.

So often we hear of the struggle between teenagers and their parents. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, teenagers can be rude and off hand, but all young people need to have someone who is on their team and supporting them.

We know you don’t have a manual and are here to help you.

Join our ante-adolescent classes. We will help you understand your adolescent child’s behaviour, know which parenting style works best and know the signs to look out for when your child needs help.

Despite what it feels like, your preteen/teen needs you. We will teach you how to build a good relationship with your preteen/teen that helps them to have GOOD mental health and if they are struggling, they will know they can come to you before the problem escalates.

We offer free tips and guidance because we want to share our knowledge with as many parents/guardians as possible. If you would like to have a greater understanding of the adolescent stage and to learn what your child needs from you at this crucial period of their development, we offer parents ante- adolescents workshops and smaller parenting discussion groups throughout the year.

People tell us it is a relief to know other people have similar types of difficulties and to think about alternative ways of approaching things.

We want to share our knowledge gained from working with clients and our learning from experts in the field of psychotherapy with as many parents/guardians as possible.

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