Parenting Teenagers

Your child is going through huge changes during the teenage years. This course is for parents who either have teenagers or who have children who are almost teenagers that want to think about how to tackle typical situations that might arise.

We know you want to be the best parent you can be and we also know it can be challenging parenting teenagers.

You can help your child by arming yourself with knowledge, understanding and support during this critical period. Our courses aim to increase your parenting confidence.

We also know that lots of parents are concerned about the increase in mental health difficulties in young people. Parents often underestimate how important they are to their teenagers.

Although no two teenagers are the same, there are some common themes. This course includes discussion on:
– Changes in the teenage brain and hormones
– What teenagers need from adults
– Boundaries
– Different parenting styles
– Communicating and managing conflict
– Whether your own experience as a teenager affects your style of parenting

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